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Cloth-4m-Grey(with green tint)/White Dralon Windshield-Cloth

Cloth-4m-Grey(with green tint)/White Dralon Windshield-Cloth

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If you are putting together a windscreen yourself, it is advisable to check in the shopping cart whether you have chosen the right poles for the screen!

Beach and Camping Windshield Cloth, made of very durable Dralon, length 4 meters.

The Windshield Fabric consists of 3 surfaces of 1.33 meters wide, with 4 stick hems.

Stofhoogte 1.37 meters.

Includes sturdy carrying case.

Matching sticks to choose:

One-piece sticks, the original 1.80m long with metal cap and hook:

Divisible poles, the pole is in two parts which makes transport and storage easier:

Aluminum poles (preferably also order the ground anchors):



Our Windshield Fabrics in Dralon guarantee your Comfort. The pleasantly soft fabric is suitable for intensive use and offers protection against strong winds. Dralon is a strong synthetic fabric that consists of 100% acrylic. Our Dralon is not only UV resistant, but is also very water and dirt repellent due to the extra Teflon Coating for fabrics. The high color fastness ensures long-term preservation of the original colours. 

The great advantage of synthetic textile fibers is that they are much more resistant to wear and tear and also easier to clean than fibers of natural origin, such as cotton. As a result, textiles made of synthetic fibers are very easy to use. 


  • Most stains can be easily removed by dabbing with clear lukewarm water and a soft brush.
  • For stubborn stains, we recommend using a mild soap. 
  • When the fabric has been washed, let it dry in the open air.


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  • Diverse soorten stokken verkrijgbaar

    Type of sticks

    There are 3 types poles available for you to choose while assembling the windshield. You can choose from a wooden stick from 1 part, a divisible wooden stick or an aluminum stick.

    You choose this to the right of the product by ticking the desired sticks. This way you also have the right amount. A 4 meter wide windbreak has 4 poles, a 5 meter 5 poles and so on. These are then in the right amount in the bundle.

  • Divisible wooden windbreak pole

    Divisible wooden Windbreak pole in 2 parts (slide-in), 1.80 meters long with a diameter of 28 mm, with a metal cap at the top, the bottom ends in a point. The parts slide with a 14cm aluminum tube. together for a solid whole. You choose this to the right of the product by ticking the desired sticks.

    Separate divisible Poleken can be found here (per min. 4 pieces) 
  • Aluminium windscherm stok uit 1 deel ultralicht geschikt voor grondankers

    Aluminum windshield stick

    Ideal for use at the campsite or in the garden in combination with a ground anchor. (to be ordered separately)

    The Aluminum Windshield Pole is 1.80 mtr lang and the perfect choice to place your Windbreak at the campsite or in the garden.

    You choose this to the right of the product by ticking the desired sticks.

    Loose Aluminum Poleken can be found here (per min. 4 pieces) 
  • One-piece windshield pole

    The original Wooden Windbreak Pole in one piece,
    1.80 meters long with a diameter of 28 mm, fitted at the top
    of a metal Cap, the bottom ends in a Point.

    You choose this to the right of the product by ticking the desired sticks.

    Loose one-piece Poleken can be found here (min. 4 pieces) 
  • Windshield Ground Anchors

    Ground anchor made of galvanized Steel to firmly and easily place your Windshield, so you don't have to keep working with the hammer, but you can quickly put your windshield back on. This is especially useful on the Camping or in the Gardenso you can use the Windshieldcan store quickly and can be set up again in no time because the Ground Anchors are still exactly tailored in the ground.

    The Ground Anchors can be placed nicely flat in the lawn (it is best to place them to dig in and after that to press firmly)) and you don't have to worry about that anymore.

    This Windshield Ground Anchor also insured
    a solid placement of the Windshield Pole (depth 28cm.), so that the Windshield can easily withstand it even in strong winds.

    DELIVERY INCLUDING CLOSING CAP AGAINST DIRT AND MOISTURE, the caps can also be ordered via EMAil:, €1 each + shipping costs

    Loose windshield ground anchors 
  • Special windshield Hammer

    Wooden Windshield Hammer, this is at the right angle and is made of durable wood, so you can easily set up the Windshield.

    More striking power and a larger surface area due to the Hamerhoek.

    Weight: 600 grams.

    Dimensions: LxW: 33x15cm.

    The windshield hammer can be found here 

Dralon cloth collection for composing yourself

When assembling a windbreak yourself, always opt for a type of poles. This can be wood, divisible or one-piece. Aluminum poles are also available that are suitable for preferably being placed in our steel ground anchors.