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Easy Beach- Beach Chair Backpack/Folding chair

Easy Beach- Beach Chair Backpack/Folding chair

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The modern solid backpack folding chair, lightweight!

A modern solid folding chair that becomes taken along like a backpack, a backpack chair. That's the idea behind the revolutionary Beach Chair Chair.

Exclusively available through this webshop and in our Shop in Noordwijk a/Zee: By Jan /, Hoofdstraat 7B, Tel. +31 (0)71-3649333

The ultra-light Easy Beach Chair (3.5 kilos) is ideal for taking to the beach, festival, park or waterfront. It is a sturdy aluminum folding chair with luxurious wooden armrests and a spacious lockable storage compartment. The dimensions of the Chair are 59 by 67 centimeters and the Chair has no fewer than four positions, from sitting upright to lying down.

A holder for a Drink completes the relaxing feeling. Video unfolding and folding of the beach chair backpack beach chair click here.


The chair has a CE mark and therefore complies with the applicable rules within the European Union.

People up to 105 kilos can relax safely in the Easy Beach Chair.

We offer this Backpack chair in the color Navy-Blue

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