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® Welcome to the beach and camping Windbreakeren specialist!         

sell high quality beach windshields and camping windshields for
private and business use. The Windbreakers come with
durable wooden Poleken.

Our sustainable Windbreakers are located throughout
The Netherlands and Belgium are known for their quality and are available in different
fabrics and colors available. The Dralon Windbreaker comes in one
handy carrying and storage bag packed, so you can sit comfortably out of the wind in the
Sun! The Windbreakers in Dralon are available from 4 meters up to
7 meter breed! These are available in Nylon and Polyester version
from 4 meters to 6 meters wide. A Windbreaker provides shelter and U
creates a bit of privacy with it. That makes the Windbreaker ideal for that
on the beach and the campsite.

NEW! - Put together your Windbreaker yourself,
choose your kind of fabric, the Poleken you want in the screen and of course
whether you want the special wooden Windbreaker hammer.

also available with divisible wooden Poleken so that the Windbreaker still
easier to transport. Aluminum Poleken are also available,
lightweight and very durable especially for camping with
steel ground anchors (these can be ordered separately).  This is how you place it
screen fast and sturdy for the whole season, and it's easy to put on
to salvage.

All our Windbreakers are also available in our
shop (Strandwindschermen.nl - Jan Hobbel), come by and have a look
our entire line in Hoofdstraat 7b in Noordwijk NL, a stone's throw from
the beach!

If you need several Windbreakers for e.g.
catering or rental, please send us a message via
strandwindscherm@gmail.com for a quote.

Windbreaker on the beach

in Dralon are ideal for a long holiday by the sea. For a
a day at the sea, a Windbreaker in nylon or polyester is an excellent choice.

Windbreaker at the campsite

our Windbreakeren you can furnish the camping pitch entirely according to your wishes.
The Windbreaker provides shelter and you create a bit of privacy
along. With our metal ground anchors you can place the screen firmly and
can it be stored in a simple way and in an instant
posted again. That's how the Windbreaker stands all season long, without
Shaving lines! Our lightweight aluminum Poleken are a perfect one here
choice for (Ground anchors to be ordered separately).

Windbreaker in the yard

your plants are not yet fully grown, do you want to shield yourself from the wind,
create a corner for the children, ... Also in the garden a
Windbreaker offer comfort and privacy.

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We accept the following payment methods-
- iDeal for the Netherlands
- Bancontact - for Belgium
- Bank transfer for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany
- Payment in store when the product is picked up
- PayPal Worldwide
- Credit Card Worldwide

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  • Dralon Windshields

    Dralon Windshields, colorfast and good for years of sitting out of the wind in the sun.

    We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we deliver our products from stock. Our showpiece are the windshields from our Dralon collection. Many colors and designs are available.

    Dralon windshields 5 meters 
  • Parasols

    Not only from the wind but also from the sun with a matching Dralon parasol, which has a very good UV filter so you can enjoy your holiday even more!

    Our Parasol collection 
  • Various Accessories

    In our range various accessories and spare parts for windshields, such as e.g. our special windshield hammer or the strong Parasol Ground Pin!


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