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Aluminum Windbreaker stick 6 pieces

Aluminum Windbreaker stick 6 pieces

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Aluminum Windbreaker stick, length 1.80 mtr. 1-piece.

Ideal for use at the campsite or in the garden in combination with a ground anchor.  (to be ordered separately)

The lightweight Aluminum Windbreaker pole is the perfect choice for displaying your Windbreaker at the campsite or in the garden.

By means of the Ground Anchors, which you can order separately, which you place firmly in the grass, you can quickly set up and store the Windbreaker again, because the Ground Anchors are still exactly in the ground to size.

NB! The Aluminum Poleken are NOT suitable for the Beach, the bottom ends straight, NOT in a point!


WindbreakerPoleken of durable Aluminum. These Poleken are lightweight and very strong. 

Length: 1.80 mtr., Diameter: 28 mm.

The top has a Plastic Cap, the bottom ends straight, fits perfectly in the Ground Anchors.



The Wooden Poleken (1-Piece and Divisible) are ideal for the Beach, the Poleken end in a Point, making them very easy, with a Wooden Mallet, 25-30cm. to smash into the sand. Guylines and Pegs NOT required! The Aluminum Poleken do not have a Point, so they are not suitable for the Beach! 


The lightweight Aluminum Poleken are ideal for camping or in the garden, especially in combination with the galvanized steel ground anchors. The Wooden Poleken are also very suitable for camping and in the garden and also fit in the Ground Anchors! (Tip: treat the lower part of the Wooden Poleken with Clear Coat against Moisture and Dirt from the solid ground!)


Then choose the Wooden Poleken, these can also be placed in the Ground Anchors (Tip: treat the lower part of the Wooden Poleken with Clear Coat against Moisture, this prevents the Wood from expanding).

Tip: We have Customers who place extra Ground Anchors to make it easy to move the Windbreaker when the Wind is turning.

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