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5m Dark Blue Nylon Windbreaker - 5m

5m Dark Blue Nylon Windbreaker - 5m

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Beach and Camping Windbreaker made of durable Nylon, length 5 meters.

The Windbreaker consists of 4 surfaces of 1.25 meters, provided with 5 Pole seams with 5 one-piece, wooden Pole boards of 1.80 meters high.

Stofhoogte 1.37 meters.

Carrying weight incl. transparent plastic cover: 3.9 kg.

Do you prefer divisible, 2-piece wooden Pole kennels (transport length 1.10 mtr. instead of 1.80 mtr) or Lightweight Aluminum Poleken (Length 1.80 mtr.), possibly in Combination with Aluminum Ground Anchors (Widely used at the Campsite and in the Garden), go to Home and click on the Section: COMPOSE Windbreaker YOURSELF and see the possibilities.



Our Windbreakers in Nylon are a budget-friendly alternative. This light fabric offers protection against too much wind and is suitable for occasional use. Nylon  is a synthetic fabric.

The major advantage of synthetic textile fibers is that they are much more resistant to wear and tear and are also easier to clean than fibers of natural origin, such as cotton. As a result, textiles made of synthetic fibers are very easy to use. 

Nylon is an elastic, water-repellent and durable fabric that feels soft. It is a strong fabric and retains its shape. Nylon does not wrinkle and absorbs virtually no moisture. The synthetic fiber retains its color and is UV resistant.


Nylon is a beautiful, water-repellent fabric that retains its shape and does not wrinkle. Small stains can be removed with lukewarm water and a fabric, Nylon can also be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 degrees. The tumble dryer is not necessary, as nylon dries very quickly on its own.

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