Caravan, Tent, cottage Windbreaker placement example

Our windbreaks are also very suitable for placing on the campsite

When you go on holiday and want to place a windbreak at your tent, caravan or holiday home, the guy ropes often get in the way. It is also not easy to store the screen and put it down again if necessary because of the weather or that you are not at the campsite for a while.

windscherm met aluminium palen en grondankers

We have a very robust solution for this. We sell aluminum poles for our windbreaks in combination with galvanized steel ground anchors.

Grondankers van verzinkt staal

You place the ground anchors in the ground in the places where you want to place the windshield, which can be done in several places so that the screen can also be moved sideways. Unused anchors can be closed with the optional sealing cap.

The screen can then be placed and cleaned up again in no time at all. When you place several anchors in the ground, you can also rotate the windbreak with the wind direction. A very flexible and solid solution.


Take a quick look at our windshields and assemble your windshield with aluminum poles and ground anchors!